Retail, office and warehouse


LocationDescriptionBuilt (b) Refurbished (r)Availability
90 – 94 London Street, Reading697m2 Offices1978 (r)None at present
96 – 102 London Street, Reading830m2 13 Apartments available on AST2004 (b)See
81 London Street, Reading71m2 Retail, 420m2 Officesc.1800 (b)     1985 (r)82m2 Offices available in 81C 2nd Floor
8 Queen Victoria Street, Reading69m2 Retail, 82m2 Officesc.1900 (b)None at present
53 Wokingham Road, Reading50m2 Retail     95m2 Officesc.1900 (b) None at present
32 St Mary’s Butts, Reading63m2 Retail, 140m2 Officesc.1900 (b)     1975 (r)     None at present
15 A & B High Street, Alton194m2 Retail, 94m2 Offices1901 (b) 2000 (r)None at present
17 & 17A High Street, Alton87m2 Retail, 101m2 Offices1901 (b) 1996 (r)None at present
19 & 19A High Street, Alton104m2 Retail, 86m2 Officesc.1800 (b) 1994(r)None at present
Pelican Lane, Newbury913m2 Warehouse1967 (b)None at present
24 The Broadway, Newbury134m2 Retail, 79m2 Officesc.1800 (b) 2016 (r) None at present
26 The Broadway, Newbury77m2 Retail, 85m2 Officesc.1800 (b) 2016 (r)None at present
4 Oxford Street, Newbury164m2 Retail     362m2 Officesc.1800 (b) 2016 (r)None at present
33 High Street, Theale58m2 Retail, 116m2 Officesc.1900 (b) 1996 (r)None at present
33A & 33B High Street, Theale38m2 Retail, 28m2 Officesc.1900 (b) 1996 (r)None at present
35 High Street, Theale25m2 Retailc.1900 (b) 1996 (r)None at present
35A High Street, Theale26m2 Retail, 42m2 Officesc.1900 (b) 1996 (r)None at present
Hendford Manor, Yeovil1000m2 Officesc.1850 (b)None at present